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Dream Log: The boarding house
I do not remember too much of the beginning, but this dream was set in a old house, a boarding house and temporary home for children who were naturally attuned or talented with things magical or supernatural. The children were taught while they were there, but it wasn’t school-like teaching, more like “Since you’re here we might as well teach you a bit, if you want” tutoring.
Every year there were new people staying for a while, and older kids leaving for the last time. One of the first things new children would find out, either from the caretakers or from fellow kids, was that somewhere deep in the house’s basement, there was a secret room sealed by a mysterious spell. This secret room was rumored to be a prison for all kinds of foul ghosts, too strong to banish entirely, and too dangerous to expel from the safety of the house. So they were locked up, or so the story went.
The focus of the dream drifted around often, but there was this one girl who it foc
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Well, get to it! by BlueMario Well, get to it! :iconbluemario:BlueMario 3 5 Crystal heart Is The Boss by BlueMario Crystal heart Is The Boss :iconbluemario:BlueMario 1 8
Davey Jones' Origins
Hey there. You probably don't know me. I'm just your average high school kid.
There's only one think interesting about me:
my name is Davey Jones.
Welcome, to
Davey Jones' Locker

Now, you may think that's kind of a weird name, and it is. But before you ask, no, unfortunatly, it's not short for David. Or Davis. Or even something weird like D'av'd (I've seen that) or Davrial or something.
Nope, my name is actually Davey Jones.
Also, before you go saying my mom is crazy for naming me that, she isn't.
Well, she is crazy, but it wasn't entirly her fault.
You see, my mom has always liked the name Davey (according to her, since she was 8), so she planned on naming me that before I was even concieved. So she did give me my first name, but my last name was my dad's fault. Sorry, I should actually say step-dad's fault.
I never knew my dad. Not because he or my mom split up, but because, ironicly, he died while at sea. On a galleon. He was the captain. I appreciate
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I WILL DESTROY YOU ALL by BlueMario I WILL DESTROY YOU ALL :iconbluemario:BlueMario 2 11 Ed -crude- by BlueMario Ed -crude- :iconbluemario:BlueMario 0 26 Atomic white-chile pepper by BlueMario Atomic white-chile pepper :iconbluemario:BlueMario 0 6 Too many Blue Js by BlueMario Too many Blue Js :iconbluemario:BlueMario 1 8 Waldo by BlueMario Waldo :iconbluemario:BlueMario 1 19
Jason is sleeping
Proto: "Hey, Jason!"
Jason: "Hm?"
"Don't you want to go do something besides hang out at this hotel? Not that it's bad or anything, I know you're paying for it."
"Hm. Good idea. I'll think about it. By the way, what time is it?"
"Go back to your room."
Later in the moring (around 10)
Jason walks in to the breakfast room, yawning. The only people there are him, Proto(talking to Jon&eating fruit loops), Jon(talking to Proto&eating rasin bran), Lady(asleep w/her head on the table), and some old couple. Oh, and 2 inconspicuous guys, but they don't really matter right now.
Jon: "Why fruit loops?"
Proto: "Because rasin brand is too bland."
"What about the frosted flakes?"
"Do you really want today to be like yesterday?"
"Jeez, frosted falkes got you that hyper?"
"Well I had 6 bowls of it, but that's beside the point."
Jason: "Mzmmf. Good morning."
Lady:*waking with a start* "DON'T HURT ME, O LORD PALZFUS!"
Jason: "Oh..kaay then. Anyway, what's going on?
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Eveyone is here
Proto: "Uh! We've been here for two days waiting for her!"
Jon: "Why are you complaining? It's not like you're the one paying for all your food. Pig."
Proto: "I said I was sorry! Geez."
Jason: "AaHEM!"
Proto and Jon: "Gah!"
Jason: "She's here."
Proto: "So what? It's not like she can hear us complaining...about.....her..."
Lady walks in
Lady: "It's ok. I would have been wonder why I was taking so long as well."
Jon: "Why did you take so long?"
Lady: "Traffic problems. Car problems-"
Proto:*looking out the window*"Is that a Prius?"
Lady: "It's a rental. Any way, here I am!"
Jon: "Where did Jason go?"
Lady: "He offered to get my-"
Jason drops Lady's bags on the floor with a loud *THUNP* causing everyone to jump
Lady: "How did you get behing us?"
Jason: "I walked"
Lady: "But you were so sile-"
Proto and Jon: "It's the carpet"
Proto: "Jinks!"
Jon: "UHG! Fine! What will it be this time?"
Proto: "Nothing. I just felt like making you owe me something later"
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The Meeting
Jason: "Hmmm...where is my roo- AH there it is!"
Jason enters a door in a hotel halway
"Hm! No wonder it cost so much to rent this convention room. I didn't realize how big it was going to be....HOLY FUDGE! I better get my stuff unpacked quick, or I won't be ready when they get here!"*Runs off*
Jon enters the room
Jon: "Hmm...This is the room I was told to come too...but it's open and no one is here."
Proto: "Who cares? It's probably the right room, and it's most likely Jason that opened it."
"You just don't care because you want to go eat breakfast downstairs."
"Hey! I care! But you try taking empty backroads for 5 hours after spilling your Cheez-Its and finishing your drink at the hotel you stayed at! Stupid Mapquest"
"Well, I don't know about you, but I'm waiting for Blue J to come back."
"Mmph. Someone needs to watch. I'll be back in a bit."*Leaves*
Jon sits on one of the round tables standing around
"Oh so it was the right room."
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Begining of Adventure
Let the Adventure...Begin
Jason: Ah! Finally moved out! Got a nice deal on this apartment as well. Let's see how much cash I have collected.
*Goes inside*
K...where did I p- oh! There it is!
*Takes a jar of cash from under an end table*
Okay..let's start counting...
Two hours later
Whew! I gotta trade in all those 5s...Wait! I have just enough money to do that gathering I've wanted to do for a while! Ok then, let's write some letters!
Proto(uh...I forget his real name ^^;): Mail from a "Mr. Jason Duvall", huh? Well since it says mister it's probably not important.
*Throws away the letter and walks away*
Proto: Wait a minute! That's BlueMario!
Jonathan:Hm? Mail? From Blue J? Like to meet me, huh? Why Missouri? What ever...Hey! He even sent cash for the gas!...Wonder how he got this much money?Oh well, better get packing.
Lady(real name Maggie): *reading* So he's been planning this for a while? I guess since he sent gas money I'll go.
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New DA ID by BlueMario New DA ID :iconbluemario:BlueMario 2 4
Log Entry: Bio: Myself
Log Entry Bio start
So the professer (i can hardly ever spell that word right) told me that I hadn't been turing in to him any Logs. I thaout that was total bogus! I had been working hard on nine of them! Turns out, my cumputer deleted them all instead of sending them. Luckily, he knows how sucky my PC is and how often it crashes, so he let me off the hook. But there was a catch: I hve to do a short biography/Log for every three missing Logs. So I'm doing me, then Animal, then the Bouncer. Anyway, here it goes:
Name: Danial McNorman
Nickname/Codename: Porcupine
Powers: Hardening and sharpening of all body hair
Years in SAOPD: 6 (or 8 counting years of schooling)
Elite Quarters access: Yes
Possition in school: High school
Rank in education: Hero class
Developed abilities: Control of degree of sharpness of body hair and hardness of scalp hair
Friends: Animal, the Bouncer, multiple lower-classmen
Occupation: Greeter/Tour guide for new students
There. I'm done for now. Next time, I'
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Log Entry 00: SAOPD
Log Entry 00: SAOPD
My proffeser told me to write this. Darn it! I was going to watch a movie with Animal today. Anyway, I'll start.
My name is Danial McNorman. I don't go by that though. I go by the name that my "mutant" powers got me. I'm Porcupine. Even though that's my name, I still forget how to spell it. I attend the Supernatural Academy Of Power Development, better known as SAOPD. Us students just call if Soap.
Anyway, I have to go, Brutus "The Bouncer" is calling me. Apperently Animal got upset over a "pack meeting" being prevented. Do cheetas even have packs? Oh whatever.
Log Entry End
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My account was hacked last night. I thought all they did was change the email, but they didnt change the password so I was able to fix it. Apparently they ALSO sent a lot of points from a now-deactivated account in that short period of time where I was hacked though. Weird. Hopefully its not somehow illegal points. Oh well, they're mine now
  • Reading: Lit Brick
  • Watching: The 13 Ghosts of Scooby Doo (on DVD)
So, I'm finally doing it: I'm making a weekly streamcast (livestreamed podcast). It starts today at 3pm CST.
I would have posted something sooner, to give more of a heads up, but I've been distracted as of late.
The site is

It will run until sometime around 5pm.

Prepare for wackiness and knowledge.

(Oh, and the finally is because I've wanted to do a podcast for years, but haven't had a mic/more recently a good mic to be able to do so)

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